Best Ways to Reduce Video Size Without Losing Quality

video files are large compared to audio files or images. Large files can be the cause of slow upload/download speeds. And it also takes more space to store on your Device. Because of this, compression is an important part of distributing your videos over the internet. so in this post, I show you Best Ways to Reduce Video Size Without Losing Quality. we can do it with Windows software called HandBrake.

Best Ways to Reduce Video Size Without Losing Quality

How can we archive Video Compression ??

video quality depends on how much frame video has per second. With help of this software, we can control how much frames we want per second in the video. We can also control Resolution of the video.

the common Screen Resolutions are 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1280×1024, 1280×800, and 1024×768. We can also change the audio bitrate of the video via this software.

How to use HandBrake?

Handbrake is a free, open-source program available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Below I provide you the step-by-step guide on how to Reduce Video Size via handbrake. Download Handbrake using this link. and complete the installation process.

1) Choose Your Files:-

open the software and choose the video file. you can also choose bulk of video files in this software for reducing its size.

Choose Your Files

2) Set video Type:-

you can select video type whatever you want. you can also select presets. Presets provide you predefine setting that you can directly apply to your video.

Set video Type

3) Choose Frame Rate, Resolution And Audio Bitrate:-

you can saw here multiple options for reducing the size of the video. like you can control the frame rate of the video via video option. You can also control Resolution via Dimension option and Audio Bitrate via Audio option and more.

Choose Frame Rate, Resolution And Audio Bitrate

4) Choose The Destination And Start Encode:-

now final step, select destination where you want to store your video file and press start encode button. After completion of the process, you will get your compressed video that has low size.

Choose The Destination And Start Encode


There are many alternative ways to reduce the size of the video but if you have laptop or computer then HandBrake software is the effective way to reduce the size of the video.

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