Create And Send Custom Stickers In WhatsApp

popular chat app WhatsApp has rolled out Stickers feature for its chat platform. Just like the Snapchat Stickers or the ones that you see on Facebook, WhatsApp has also added Stickers to its emojis and Gifs section. The feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Custom Stickers on Whatsapp

WhatsApp stickers can spice up the boring chats with colorful and expressive stickers. You will also have the existing sticker packs and You can download new ones from the Play Store or App Store.

You can even create your own custom stickers if you want and send them across your chats then You will need a third-party app for this. Also, You can add up to 30 stickers in one sticker pack. But you will have to add all 30 stickers at once since the pack cannot be edited once you have published it on WhatsApp. You can forward these stickers to your contacts.

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how to create your own custom sticker packs:

1) Update your WhatsApp from Play Store.

2) search ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ app in the Play Store.

3) Download the app.

4) Open the app and tap the Create a new sticker pack option.

5) You can choose photos from your gallery, drive or Google Photos to create your own custom stickers.

6) Crop the photo as per the requirement.

7) Your sticker will be added to your sticker pack. As mentioned above, the sticker pack cannot be edited once created so add all the stickers at once.

8) Tap on Publish Sticker Pack option and click confirm to publish.

The new stickers will be added to your Sticker pack and you will be able to send these stickers to your chats. Now, You will see with the tray icon that’s Your sticker pack. Your contacts will receive these stickers along with your name.

Those who have not received the update yet, the sticker update is available on the latest version of WhatsApp. Go to your phone’s App Store or Play Store and simply update your WhatsApp. You will get it. To start using WhatsApp Stickers, go to Play Store/App Store and update your app first. Once updated, open WhatsApp, tap on the emoji button and then tap the emoji icon given right at the below, next to the GIF icon.

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