How to change style of fonts in WhatsApp ?

Have you ever seen a different kind of style of WhatsApp font on your friend’s mobile or anything else? Then the first question comes in into your mind is how can we change the style of the font of WhatsApp? in the new update of WhatsApp we can also use The FixedSysFixedSys is a monospaced font and was part of Microsoft is like old type windows font. you can also use it in WhatsApp and give the style of font like this 👇🏼How to change style of fonts in whatsapp

first, you need to update the latest version of WhatsApp. for that click on below download button to redirect the play store.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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Style the WhatsApp font –

we can not change the font of the WhatsApp but we can change the style of WhatsApp fonts.there was three style that WhatsApp supported that is:- bold, italics,  Strikethrough.whatsapp also support monospaced type font.

Bold Style Fonts – 

You can make your fonts in Bold by adding the sign of Multiplication ( * ) before and after your words

  • For example:- *your message*

bold fonts in whatsappItalic Style Fonts –

You can make italic fonts by adding the sign of underscore ( _ ) before and after your word.

  • For example:- _your message_

italic fonts in whatsappStrikethrough Style Fonts –

You can strike the text by adding the sign of Tilde ( ~ ) before and after the word.

  • For example:- ~your message~

Strikethrough fonts in whatsapp

Monospaced Type Fonts –

open WhatsApp chats and types the message then you need to insert sign of Grave accent( `  ) three time at the start and at the end of your words. it is same as apostrophe sign but actually, it is not. it is difficult to find a find a sign open keyboard then press a key (?123) after that press (=\<) then you can show the sign in the left corner.

  • For example:- ` ` `  your message ` ` `    

monospaced fonts in whatsapp

For more information watch our video:-

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