How to change the default Font in Windows 10 ?

in Windows 7 Windows allows you to change the system font settings easily from the control panel. But in Windows 10 you can’t.

how to change default Font in Wondows 10so now in this post, I will show you how you can change Windows 10’s default font Segoe UI with your preferred font with a simple registry tweak. you will also change Windows 10’s icons text, menus text, title bar text, File Explorer text, and Windows 10 System Font.

change the Font in Windows 10

step 1. find your Font by going to the Control Panel ->Appearance and -> Personalization -> Fonts.

control panel Fonts

remember one thing that your font must be installed on your system.
step 2. download this registry edit. 
step 3.  Edit the file with help of Notepad or any editing software and change the last line.

Open with editing software

here you write the font name that you have select in step 1 with “Segoe UI”.

change Font name

step 4. Now, save the Registry edit by FILE -> Save.

step 5. run the file by double click on it.

now, the system asks for permission click on yes.

edit Registary Fileand finally, click on ok.

Ok clickstep 6. Restart your system. and your Fonts will change.

retrieve your old font edit registry and change to “Segoe UI”.

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