How to create Bootable USB Pen-Drive with PowerISO ?

ISO file allows you to install new Windows OS(Operating System) onto your PC. If you change the boot order of drives in your PC’s BIOS, you can run the Windows installation directly from USB drive when you first turn on your computer.

but for that, you need to bootable USB Pen-Drive that contents OS files. in this post, we will see how we can easily make bootable USB Pen-Drive with help of powerISO for installing new  Windows OS.

Make Bootable USB Pen-Drive with PowerISOCreate Bootable USB Pen-Drive

step-1 Download and install PowerISO software.

Power ISO

step-2 attach USB Pen-Drive which you will make bootable.


Step-3 transfer your data and formate the USB Pen-Drive.


step-4 Open PowerISO and go to Tools –> Create Bootable USB Drive. now you will see the pop-up press ok on it.


step-5 here you will see Create Bootable USB Drive popup.


step-6 in Create Bootable USB Drive popup you need to select your ISO file then select your  USB Pen-Drive.


step-6 now, Click on “Start” button to start creating bootable USB drive.


step-7 PowerISO will show a Pop-up that all data on USB Pen-Drive will be destroyed. Press “OK” to continue.


now the process will start do nothing until process will complete.


step-8 in the final step, press “ok”, now you can remove your USB Pen-Drive.

buy following steps you can create the bootable USB Pen-Drive.

if you have any doughts in the post feel free to comment . for the more technical information, you can visit our youtube channel.

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