How To Create Custom QR Code With Logo?

QR code is a great way to promote a small business. QR code provides information to customers. In This post, I will give step by step details on how you can create your custom QR code with logo. For example, I will create some custom QR code that looks¬†like this.ūüĎá

QR code

QR code uses numeric, alphanumeric and byte/binary encoding modes to store data that can be easily accessed with your smartphone, tablet or PC. Unlike a traditional barcode which stores limited data, a QR code has a lot more information.

How to create custom QR code

you can create your own custom QR code with help of this five steps:

1. Open website.

open for creating QR code. This is one of my favorite websites because there is no need to sign in for creating QR code for free. the interface of the website like this.

2. Set QR Your Content

Select a content type for your QR code (URL, App, Text, Email, ..) and Enter content. After selecting your type you will see all available options.

3. Set Design and colors

if You want your QR code to look unique then you can set a custom color and replace the standard colors of your QR code. Generally, QR code has black and white colors but if you want to create colorful QR code like me then you can also create that. you can add the logo and customize the design of QR code too. the best part is you can also select QR code Templates which provides you inbuilt beautiful QR codes.

4. Generate QR Code

Set the pixel resolution of your QR code with the slider. Click the “Create QR Code” button to see your QR code preview. make sure your QR code is working correctly by scanning the preview with your QR Code scanner.

5. Download Image

this website gives you the facility to download your QR code in .png, .svg, .eps or .pdf formats.

Things you’ll need to access QR code

  • A QR code scanner or any device who can scan QR code.
  • Internet connection.

How to access data of QR code

you can also scan or read QR code with your smartphone. In order to read QR codes, you will need to install a scanning app on your smartphone. in google play store many apps available that scan the QR codes.

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