How to create Secure password ?

There are many ways to generate the secure and strong password but in this post, I will saw you how to you can manually create your strong password and you can easily remember that password.

secure passwordWhat is need of secure password?

the privacy is important for all of us. if you are using the unsecured password on multiple sites then anyone can know your password by performing attacks, guessing your name, number or favorite thing then your privacy can be broken it is important to choose the unique and secure password on each site.

create a secure password

it is also important that how you backup your password, in how much time interval you change your password, what information you have used to create a secure password. performing following steps to create a secure password…password

1) Don’t use personal information or common word as a password

you should avoid to use names, contact number, vehicle number or lucky number in the password. sometimes people use a common word like “password”, “incorrect”, “abcdef” or “123456” as password please don’t use it.

2) use mix latter, numbers, and symbols in the password

you should enter the number, special character, and symbols in the password.

for example, assume that my password is “technicalpathshala” now I will convert it into the secure password.

  • now I will add numbers to it then password become…

“technicalpathshala” -> “789technicalpathshala”

  • now I will add symbols to it then password become…

“789technicalpathshala” -> “789technic@lp@thsh@l@”

  • now I will mix letters with it then password becomes secure…

“789technic@lp@thsh@l@” -> “789TECHnic@lp@thsh@l@”

we can easily remember this types of password. you can also reverse it and use it.

3) increase the length of the password

what make password secure and the answer is the length of the password that makes the password more secure. your password should be equal or more than 8 characters. by increasing the length of the password we can prevent the attack of brute force. brute force attacks in which hacker or attacker try the all the possibility of the password.

4) use the different password for each site

you should avoid using the same password on multiple sites. if you are using the same password on multiple sites and anyone know it then they can use your password at multiple sites. sometimes people avoid using the different password for each site because they don’t remember it’s password. for that, I will give you the idea to create the different password for each site.

for example, assume my password is “RAJ-ajwaliya*987”.

  • Facebook password is “RAJ-ajwaliya*987-FB
  • Canva password is “RAJ-ajwaliya*987-C@!
  • Gmail password is “RAJ-ajwaliya*987-GM-
  • Amazon password is “RAJ-ajwaliya*987-amz

the help of this you will create the different password for each site and you will easily remember your password.

5) make sure your backup password is up-to-date and secure

now you create the secure password and also change it to each site but what should you do when the attacker attack on your backup password. so in the final step to make sure your backup password is up-to-date and secure.

by following steps you create your own secure password.

if you have any doughts in the post feel free to comment. for the more technical information, you can visit our youtube channel.

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