Types Of Computers

You may be used a computer to satisfy your needs. There are lots of types of computers, some of this you are used in your daily life too. first, let’s see about the computer.

What is Computer ??

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. we can describe the computers in lots of terms. Most of these about the size and performance of the computer. let’s see types of the computer next…

Types Of Computers

Types of Computers…

1. PC or Microcomputer:- 

The PC(Personal Computer) is a computer that designed for the general use of the single person. It can be also defined as a small, inexpensive computer designed for an individual user. personal computers are used for accounting, edit documents, playing games, surfing the Internet, and in database management applications or more. because of the small size, PC is also called as Microcomputer.


where MAC can be PC, any Windows installed Computer can be PC or any Linux installed Computer can be PC. There are also sub-types of the PC related to there size and portability.

I) Desktop:- Desktop

the desktop computer is a computer that designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table due to its size and power requirements. Most desktops consumed more power and storage. Most of the desktops give high performance at low price. The desktop needs keyboard and mouse for input and monitor, speakers, and a printer for output. we can not travel with the desktop for that we need to look for other types of computer. desktop need more room compare to other pc. desktop doesn’t allow you to use your computer almost anywhere.

II) Laptop:-


The Laptop is a computer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling. Laptops run on a battery or an external adapter that charges the computer batteries. They comes-up with an inbuilt keyboard, touchpad as the mouse and a display. Nowadays laptops are very popular because of its portability and small size. it also called notebook Computers. The laptop can easily perform regular tasks like Desktop. The price of the laptop is slightly higher than desktop.

III) Netbook:-



A netbook is very familiar with the alternative of Desktop and Laptop Computer. Basically, there was no difference between the laptop and netbook, unlike the sizes. The sizes of the netbook are under 10 Inch. At the same time, it uses less memory and storage to make it comfortable for some primary uses including internet surfing or doing some simple work. As like the notebook it also uses the attached keyboard and mousepad. the netbook is more portable than the laptop and also comes with the lower price.

IV) PDA (Personal Digital Assistance):-


PDA is a handheld palmtop device that combines computing, telephone. fax, and networking features. It has a touchscreen and a memory card for storage of data and a small keyboard for typing. we can use it as portable audio players, web browsers and smartphones. Most of them can access the Internet to accomplished user tasks.

2. Server Computer:-


This types of computers are designed to provide the response to clients in a network. To store this types of computer you need one room. They have larger storage capacities and powerful processors. Running on them are programs that serve client requests and allocate resources like memory and time to client machines. Usually, they have large processors and many hard drives. They are designed to protect against failure and crash.

3. Workstation Computer:-


The workstation is the computer that contains a big display. It uses increasing amount of RAM, Storage. It uses to display high-resolution graphics, and it can process a larger amount of data, performing tasks like 3D Graphics or game development. For this reason, the engineers, architectures, Animators, designers or programmers love it very much. With this in mind, The workstation computer is the ideal choice for the tech professional who needs a modern, fast and super quality computer.

Common operating systems for workstations are UNIX and Windows NT. Like PC, workstations are also single-user computers like PC but are typically linked together, although they can also be used as stand-alone systems.

4. Mainframe Computer:-


In the early days of computing, mainframes were huge computers that could fill an entire room or even a whole floor. The mainframe is very large in size and is an expensive computer capable of supporting hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously. Mainframe executes many programs concurrently and supports much simultaneous execution of programs.

5. Wearable Computer:-


Wearable Computer

The latest trend in computing is wearable computers. wearable computers are helping to track human actions using sensors. It is super cool and updated with small sizes computer. You can use it as a wearable device as like in the body or on the cloths. For example, the watches, visors and wearable smartphone. You can do some outstanding work by this latest computer system. Generally, the wearable computer comes up with touch screen and with an inbuilt battery.

6. Super Computer:-

Super Computer Param-Yuva-II

Supercomputers are one of the fastest computers currently available. Supercomputers are single computer systems, most are composed of multiple high-performance computers working in parallel as a single system. All the Supercomputers are very expensive. It used for specialized applications that require lots of mathematical calculations like weather forecasting, scientific simulations, nuclear energy research and analysis of geological data.

A supercomputer uses all the latest technologies which are very expensive. At the same time, the components of the supercomputer are very rare and fast. As the supercomputer is used for sensitive work, the security and processing capabilities are very important, and it tries to keep secured from the outside world.


above, I have noticed some types of computers for you. It is possible that more types of computer are available. I have tried to cover all the important types of computers in this post.

hope you happy with this post, if you have any doughts related this post, then feel free to comment below or contact us. for the more technical information, you can subscribe us on our youtube channel.

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