What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting Android ?

The Android was designed for both commercial and private use. The Android operating system comes with some features disabled, that will prevent the average user from permanent damage to the OS. if the average user needs to access that feature then they need to root the device. but now the main question what is root android ??

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your AndroidRoot Android:-

rooting means getting root access or administrative privileges for your device. When you buy a new android you just end user in that you are not able to changes to the system files. You get advantages of most of the features of Android, but you can’t change to the system files without administrative rights.

what-is-android-rootingafter Rooting the Android, you can browse your Android root folder and make any changes to the system files. And that gives the ability to install more powerful apps that you can’t use on a non-rooted phone.

With great power, however, comes great responsibility. You can browse the Android root folder and make changes to the system files, which means changing and installing or removing some of the key elements of your phone. Rooting android device gives you total control over the entire Android system. You can use and download all the blocked features and tools, but this power comes with some risks. let’s talk about it in Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android.

Advantages of Rooting Android 

1) Installing Custom ROM:-

the best feature of a ‘rooted’ Android is we can install Custom ROM. there are hundreds of custom ROM available that will speeding up the processor and giving the phone a completely new and different Look. After rooting your device, you can flash a custom ROM or Kernel, which means you can have a new device.

2) Remove Pre-installed Applications:-

Every Android comes up with Pre-installed Applications from Manufacturer. the most of them are useless and worse even you can’t remove them.  Once you root your device, you can remove them easily.

3) Boost your Android’s Speed and Battery Life:-

Some powerful apps like Greenify can close the useless applications automatically, which can effectively improve your device’s speed and battery life. Greenify needs root access to do that.

4) Change the boot logo:-

well, boot logo has appeared when you shutdown or star your android. You can add boot logo like you want. Some applications will provide you this feature.

5) Access to root files:-

after Rooting the Android, you have access to a number of files, sections, and parts of your device.

For example, accessing the file you can know the password of all connected wifi to that device.

6) Installing incompatible Applications:-

Some wonderful apps need the root access if you install them on your device. these Applications are generally more powerful and provide rich feature than other apps.

7) Ad-blocking for all Application:-

Most of the application content ads and pop-ups that are the normal problem in most games and apps, help of root access we can bock these type of ads in all Applications.

8) Free Internal Storage:-

People with low internal storage space can transfer whatever application they want to the SD card after they root their device. but an un-rooted device typically blocks you from doing this for all devices. Once rooted, you can force move an app with a symlink.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android 

1) No more warranty:-

Once you root your phone, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void. if any problem occurs, then even if not caused by the rooting, it will be a waste of time trying to claim warranty for the damages.

2) Android Device Might Get Bricked:-

While flashing some ROMs, recovery or even while rooting there is the chance that your phone can get bricked. To avoid this, You can find some pretty detailed tutorials on the internet to how to root your device. If you flash a corrupt zip file or miss any step, you will end with a bricked device. If this happens, you will fix your device at the service center or you are expert, then fix it yourself.

3) Higher vulnerability to Viruses:-

When you root your phone, you can also flash the device’s ROM using custom programs. Making such changes to the code of a software chance to introducing a virus.


ok, now you know all the advantages and disadvantages. my suggestion for all is you should try to root your devices in some proper manner. like you need to think about how should you recover Device in Bricked situation before you start rooting your device.

you should also take the recovery of your device before you root your device. for root your device you should follow up some tutorials. that tutorials give you an idea of what is next step. I think you try to root your device because after rooting device android will give us access to many hiding features.

The bricking incident never stopped me from rooting my phone again. What about you? Are you going to root your Android phone?

if you have any doughts in the post feel free to comment. for the more technical information, you can visit our youtube channel.

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