What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS ?

we already use both protocols while searching or surfing the websites. we already saw HTTP or HTTPS in the website’s URL or in the address bar in the browser.let’s see the similarity and difference of HTTP and HTTPS. these both are protocols use to transfer information between Server to Browser or vice-versa.

http vs httpsnow let’s see the comparison between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. well, this s represent Security that makes HTTPS more Secure than HTTP. But why do we need this security over the Web? let’s see this in both protocols.


It allows World Wide Web users to transfer information like image, text, video, music, graphics and other files on web pages. we can use Http to access HTML pages and other resources.

httpHTTP is a request-response protocol in the client-server model. When you enter http:// in the address that tells the browser to connect over HTTP to the Web server to fetch and transfer the requested web page. Here, your web browser is your client and your website host as a server.

here, some information about HTTP

  • HTTP URLs begin with “http://”.
  • HTTP connections use a port 80.
  • The first version of HTTP is V0.9 now v1.1 is official and used worldwide.


Sometimes, the clients may be exchanging private information with a server, which needs to be secured for preventing some hacking issue. For this reason, HTTPS was developed to allow authorization and secured transactions.

https and sslin HTTPS if anyone in between the sender and the server could open the message, they still could not understand it. Only the sender and the recipient, who know the “code,” can decipher the message.

Humans could encode their own documents, but computers do it faster and more efficiently. To do this, the computer at each end uses a document called an “SSL Certificate” containing contain the computer owner’s “public key”. for more information look at this picture…

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

here, some information about HTTPS

  • HTTP URLs begin with “https://”.
  • HTTP connections use a port 443.
  • The HTTPS is first used in HTTPS V1.1.


  • HTTP does not use Encryption where HTTPS encryption to transfer the information.
  • in OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) modal, HTTP Works at Application Layer and HTTPS works at Transport Layer
  • HTTP uses port number 80 for communication and HTTPS uses 443.
  • in URL, HTTP Begin with “http://” where HTTPS Begin with “https://”.
  • HTTP does not require any certificates and HTTPS needs SSL Certificates.
  • in terms of cost, http is free where you need to buy the certificate for HTTPS.


if you want to make the website like a blog or informative then HTTP is best because here you don’t need security. and if you making a website that has an online transaction, online transaction or woocommerce then you should need to use HTTPS.

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